Composite rhinoplasty

Composite rhinoplasty operations; is the use of oil or filler injection in order to eliminate tissue deficiencies in the nose and skin thinness.

In order to achieve successful nasal aesthetic operations, there should be no tissue deficiency or skin thinness problems in the nose. In this case, the fat injection technique obtained from the person’s own body is used to eliminate tissue deficiency and skin thinness.

When is Composite Nose Aesthetics Used?

In rhinoplasty operations, fat injection technique with rhinoplasty is used to correct congenital or subsequent nasal deformities. Nasal aesthetic surgery supported by fat injection technique provides a more natural appearance and more successful results of the operation.

How is the oil to be injected?

In fat injection, the injected fat is obtained from the person’s own body.

Composite nose aesthetic micro nano oil injection technique, such as abdomen or buttocks taken from your region, such as excess fat tissue is used. Fat cells taken from one’s own body are purified by a special process and injected to the necessary points in the nose. Fat injection technique has been used successfully for many years as a complementary technique in nasal aesthetic surgeries.

What are the advantages of composite nasal esthetics?

Composite nasal aesthetics allows the nose to have a more natural appearance and nose operations that are difficult to perform due to a number of deficiencies.

How to apply fat injection in composite nasal esthetics?

The use of fat injection technique in nasal esthetics is no different from the use of other parts of the body or face. In the oil injection technique, the fat pieces are injected into the nose area using multi-hole cannulas or 1.2 – 1.4 mm thin needles. In rhinoplasty, lipofilling method is used for sequelae corrections. Nasal irregularity, lateral osteomies, nasal curvature, fat cell injection is used. The application is carried out by means of micro cannulae under local anesthesia. Micro cannulae do not cause trauma such as post-operative ecchymosis and swelling, thus reducing the healing time.

Composite nose aesthetic surgery, according to the needs of the nose, along with fat injection technique, such as cartilage tissue graft transplantation techniques can be used. It is an effective and reliable method widely used in reshaping autologous fat grafts in aesthetic and reconstructive surgical treatments.How is autologous fat injection material obtained?In autologous fat injection, the filling material is obtained from the excess fat cells in the abdomen or thigh of the person by liposuction method. It is prepared by purification by centrifugation technique obtained by injection method.

After the surgical techniques are eliminated, the nasal aesthetic problems are then injected with the fat obtained from the person’s own body to the areas of the nose. As it does not carry any risk of allergies, it helps to correct the aesthetic problems in the nose in a reliable way.

Criteria that play an important role in composite nose aesthetics:

• The degree of aging that affects the appearance of the nose
• Nasal obstruction due to nasal tip sagging
• Problems you have been bothering about your nasal form for a long time
• Have a minimalist approach to facial rejuvenation or do everything necessary to maximize your development
• Skin thickness and flexibility
• Your expectations
• Your overall health and surgical fitness levelHow is the healing process in the nose aesthetics?
• An outpatient procedure unless combined with other rejuvenation procedures, which usually last for two to three hours.
• Full activities can begin within two to three weeks.
• Travel in eight or nine days.
• Visible bruising and swelling can usually last for two to three weeks.