Dynamic Rhinoplasty

In order to have a natural look in the dynamic aesthetics of the nose, it is very important to know the muscles that control the system of movements on the tip of the nose during kisses, conversations or smiles. As you know, most people have problems since their noses do not move after the nasal aesthetics match their nasal structure. In addition, the lack of movement of the tip of the nose causes an unnatural appearance.

Before And After Dynamic Rhinoplasty

Before you laugh, speak, or even cry, you should study the movements of the person who will have surgery on the tip of the nose. Appropriate strategic planning should be done as a result of these reviews. After examination, problems identified in the nose should be eliminated and the operation should be completed so that the tip of the nose remains movable.

Using the dynamic rhinoplasty method, the operated patients can sleep face down. As for the natural movement of the nose, there is no problem with the tip of the nose twisting to the side during a kiss and the tip of the nose twisting during a laugh. Dynamic aesthetic surgery of the nose is performed under general anesthesia. The shape of the nose, corresponding to the structure of the face of a person, must be determined for proper aesthetic surgery of the nose.

Advantages Of The Dynamic Rhinoplasty Technique

Before the dynamic rhinoplasty technique, it was possible to determine whether a person underwent aesthetic nose surgery, looking at the movement and flexibility of the tip of the nose. Using this technique, it is now difficult to determine whether a person has had nose surgery. In addition, after a dynamic aesthetic operation on the nose, the suture is not visible from the outside. The rhinoplasty technique can be applied to anyone who has completed bone development.

Movable Nose Tip Aesthetics

This mechanism consists of three components. Cartilage tissue and its environment, muscle structures and shear areas that act as a single structure. Depending on the structure of the nose, you can solve this structure and make sure that the tip of the nose moves in accordance with facial expressions.

A more natural and convenient aesthetic operation on the nose can be performed using the dynamic rhinoplasty technique, which provides flexibility of movements to the tip of the nose instead of traditional static methods. You can move the tip of the nose up and down without stitching the dots that obstruct the movement and protecting some designs.

The movement of the tip of the face is checked before surgery during a conversation, laughter or even crying. And in accordance with all this, special strategic planning is carried out. Then the problems in the nose can be eliminated, and the operation can be completed so that the end parts remain movable.

Thanks to dynamic rhinoplasty, patients can sleep face down, the tip of the nose can be bent to the side during kisses, and the tip of the nose can slip slightly during laughter. Up to this technique, whether cosmetic surgery on the nose was determined immediately when looking at the static nature of the tip of the nose. But now, with this dynamic rhinoplasty technique, it is almost impossible to understand that the nose is aesthetic.