Nose Types

Aesthetics of the nose types, often observed in deformities of the nose, can be collected under the following headings. They may be present in different combinations in one person. Aesthetics of the nose is usually an operation in which operations that require an increase in some places are performed in combination.

Wide Nose Base

If there is a width at the base of the nose, that is, where the lower part of the nose remains wide in accordance with the proportions of the person’s face and nose, a piece of tissue is cut with a crescent cross section made where the wings stick to the cheeks. The lips of the wound come closer to each other with the help of aesthetic sutures, and the wound closes, and after healing is completed, a narrower nose is obtained.

Belt On The Back Of The Nose

If the nose is arched, the swelling that forms the arch may be shaved. The skeletal structures that make up the back of the nose are the upper lateral cartilage, the front of the middle wall of the nose and the nasal bone. These structures can be shaved, as the doctor considers it appropriate to provide a smoother appearance of the back of the all nose types.

The Tip Of The Nose Is Wide And Spherical

One of the most used methods of narrowing the width at the tip of the nose is suturing, which brings the lower lateral cartilage closer to each other.

Thus, both tips of the nose are narrowed, and the upper part of both lower lateral cartilages is in the same plane.

Narrow Or Curved Nose

Sometimes the noses are very narrow or curved. The dividing parts of the cartilage are placed between the upper lateral cartilage and the middle wall of the nose to make these noses uniform and wide enough. Thus, the nose will have a more suitable size, and the curvature will be removed by placing pieces of different sizes in places where curvature is required.

Arched Nose

Ethnically, we see most of all in our country, especially (the Black Sea region) the shape of the nose. When viewed from the profile, the curvature of the nasal crest is more clearly visible than the cartilage and bone structure, the size of the belt is different since the tip of the belt is also directed downward.

Wide Tip Of The Nose

The large size of the cartilage that forms the tip of the nose makes the tip of the nose appear large and voluminous. The structure of this cartilage is extremely important for the shape and angle of the tip of the nose.

Rhinoplasty By Type Of Nose

Rhinoplasty (aesthetics of the nose) is one of the most used aesthetic operations. In our country, the number of patients with nasal aesthetics is higher than in other aesthetic applications. The purpose of aesthetics of the nose is not only to change the shape of the nose in accordance with the face.

At the same time, functional disorders in the nose are eliminated and human life is improved.

The same method cannot be applied to every nose in the aesthetics of the nose. It depends on the type of nose and patient complaints. Here are the types of nose and nasal aesthetics;

When the face is anatomically divided into 3 equal parts, the nose is in the middle of the face. If the nose in the middle is longer than the others, then a long nose can be mentioned. The long nose is usually arched, and the angle of the mouth and lips is narrow. The use of such a nose is to shorten the parts of the nose down, and to change and stitch the angle of the cartilage of the tip of the nose. It will cut the nose.