Reconstructive Rinoplasty

Although at first glance the face is the most visible part of the human eye, the correction of deformations in this region is very important in terms of aesthetics and psychological aspects. Thanks to the development of methods used in medicine and the application of innovative reconstructive rinoplasty methods, nose surgery associated with aesthetics of the nose can be performed in much simpler operations than in the past.

A nasal aesthetic application called rhinoplasty can be an important requirement for both aesthetic expectations and health. As a result of eliminating the disorder in the area with the help of aesthetic surgery, a person can breathe in a healthier way and have the nose that he needs.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty (Aesthetics Of The Nose)

Correction of congenital or subsequent deformities of the nose. This is a painless operation, and in the patient’s photograph before the operation, a simulation is done to get a nose that the patient will like. In a personalized surgical procedure, sometimes a simple nose can be obtained by simple surgery without breaking bones.

Nasal breathing problems are also eliminated during this process. Nasal deformities can also occur in people who have previously had nose surgery (secondary rhinoplasty). In such deformities, deformity is corrected by adding cartilage to the necessary parts of the nose.

What Is Reconstructive Rinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty) is one of the most commonly used cosmetic surgeries. The nose is an organ located in the middle of the face and immediately visible at first glance. Our nose, contributing to the integrity and expression of our face, also performs functional functions. The main responsibilities of our noses are to be the main route through which air will pass during breathing, to purify and moisturize air during breathing, to smell.

For this reason, when planning reconstructive rinoplasty for the nose, it is also necessary to plan the cleaning of the human airways and the interventions that must be performed here. At Liv Samsun Hospital, a detailed interview is conducted with the patient before and after nose surgery, and the desired change is revealed. If necessary, planning is carried out using photo programs. The patch or tire is applied 1 week after the procedure. This ensures that the intervention is permanent. Within 2 weeks, swelling is significantly reduced. It will take the nose six months to regain its final shape.

Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery (Reconstruction And Repair Surgery)

Plastic and reconstructive surgery; congenital or acquired abnormalities, violations of shape and function, as well as the image of the body – this is a surgical branch that works to correct. Plastic and reconstructive surgery;

He deals with all kinds of surgical problems that occur on the entire surface of the body. Events that disrupt the reconstructive rinoplasty form and functions of the body can be congenital, traumatic or acquired. for example, congenital cleft palate, adjacent finger (syndactyly), vascular formations (such as hemangiomas); traumatic burns, injuries to the face as a result of traffic accidents, various incisions and ruptures of organs; acquired tumors of the skin and soft tissues, chronic wounds are within the scope of this surgical discipline.