What is mixed rhinoplasty?

It is a method in which the closed technique and the open technique are blended without incision at the tip of the nose. The basis of this method is closed technique. The tip of the nose can be intervened in the same manner as in the open technique without incision on the outer surface of the nose.


It has been developed in recent years and aims to achieve natural results by preserving the anatomical structures of the nose. This method allows to perform the operation by protecting the connective tissues through the nostrils, under the bone and cartilage membranes. The structures that make the nose tip dynamic remain intact. Even in the early postoperative period, the nose can be softer and more flexible. The movements we frequently do in daily life such as lying on your stomach, kissing and cleaning your nose are no longer a problem. Preserving and repairing these bonds can provide aesthetically more natural results…

There are two main ways of closed rhinoplasty:

The first is the method used by the surgeon who performs most closed rhinoplasty, which is more classical. In this method, surgery is performed by entering the nostrils, but the nasal tip cartilages are not delivered out. Therefore, it becomes difficult to intervene in these regions. Nose belt can be intervened. Correction of deformities at the tip of the nose is difficult in this method. Mixed rhinoplasty is less difficult because it is more difficult. Here again, through the nostrils are entered. In contrast, the nasal tip cartilages are delivered by a special technique. Outside shape. Can be reduced, removed and put back in place. All areas are visible. Since the tip of the nose is not opened, the ligaments carrying the nose up are not damaged and the tip of the nose is almost never seen. Open technique maneuvers are made with closed technique without disturbing the anatomical structures of the nose. Therefore, its name is mixed rhinoplasty. Surgery without the tip of the nose cartilage is very difficult to control. Therefore, in the delivery technique of mixed rhinoplasty, all regions are made by seeing the eye, “he said.

Which technique should be preferred?

The most important difference and the most fundamental element here is that normally ties that carry the nose up must be cut in open rhinoplasty and are damaged. Therefore, other maneuvers are needed to lift the nose.

In mixed rhinoplasty, this ligament, which is the most important structure that lifts the nose upwards, is preserved and at the same time, more natural nasal tips can be made since the nasal tip cartilages can be intervened by giving birth. After the nose aesthetic surgery, the tip of the nose should be soft and mobile when touched. Natural light and shadows should occur when light hits the nose. There should be no numbness at the tip of the nose. After surgery should be able to wipe his nose, squeeze and touch the tip of the nose. There shouldn’t be any scar around him that people know he’s got nose surgery.